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Concierge Service & Madarao Accommodation at Kuma Lodge

The team at Kuma Lodge want you to have the best Japanese snow holiday possible!
Our crew offer complete concierge style service – from organising transport, meals, babysitting or day trips to some of the great tourist attractions that surround Madarao.

japanese family snow holidays

A fun time in the Japanese snow for you and your family – without any hassle!

Transport & connections to Madarao:

Madarao is one of the most accessible Japanese snow resorts. The whole trip takes about 2 hours from Tokyo via a Shinkansen (bullet train). The Kuma team can help you with choosing your travel route, organising tickets or suggesting overnight accommodation in Tokyo.

Some of the common items that we assist with:

  • Which airport to land at
  • Luggage delivery services
  • How to get in and out of Tokyo
  • Which train / bus / private vehicle suits to get to Madarao
  • Timetable review for the right connections
  • Transport options from the Shinkansen Station to Kuma – shuttle bus, taxi or private car

For more information – check out Getting To Madarao or get in touch

Dealing with luggage:

It is common for people to bring their skis and snowboards to Japan – however this can slightly complicate travel arrangements. Kuma Lodge highly recommend the Black Cat luggage transport service if you are planning a few days of sightseeing in Tokyo or elsewhere in Japan. Black Cat acts as a luggage courier so you can send bags to or from the airport to (or from) your accommodation. The service is fast, reliable and surprisingly affordable.

We can help you to coordinate the transport of large equipment bags with Black Cat, so you will not need to drag them around on buses or through train stations. Black Cat has an extensive network so it works well for most trips in Japan – especially for families who want to avoid travelling with heavy bags and young children.

black cat luggage transport to madarao accommodation

black cat luggage transport to madarao accommodation

Keep an eye out for Black Cat luggage services in the airport when you land.

Ask us about coordinating Black Cat for your trip – we can give you information on costs and the time frame needed to get your luggage from A to B.

Getting around Madarao:

Madarao is a peaceful village, so getting around on foot is pretty easy. At Kuma Lodge we are located across the street from the beginner ski runs, kid’s snow park and Aki’s pub. The village center and lift ticket office are only a few minutes walk away.

Our staff at the lodge will be happy to drive you around the village for your dinner reservations if the snow is bucketing down and walking is not an attractive option.

japan snow resort for families madarao accommodation

Kuma Lodge (red roof) is located right next to the beginner ski slopes.

kuma lodge madarao accommodation is next to the kids snow park

The kid’s snow park is just across the street from Kuma.

Staying at Kuma Lodge:

Kuma has a number of different room setups, so we can advise you on what will best suited to your needs. The nine rooms throughout the lodge all have different views and bedding configurations – and we are happy to customise things for you if needed.

When you arrive, our staff will carry in all of your luggage, provide you with an information pack that includes detailed maps of the area showing the eateries and ski trails in Madarao and Tangram. If you need any other information, or would like to know what sort of snow conditions to expect – our team will help in any way possible.

views of madarao from kuma lodge

Kuma Lodge is the best rated Madarao accommodation on Tripadvisor.

Ski Hire, Lessons & Lift Passes:

When you stay at Kuma Lodge, we can organise lift passes at a significant discount compared to the main ticket office. A five day adult pass is about ¥20,000, through Kuma the same lift pass would be ¥10,900 – about 45% cheaper.

Our local staff are happy to talk you through equipment hire options in Madarao village including coordinating equipment drop off and collection.

powder in madarao

Steep groomers or bottomless Madapow – what would you choose?

snow monkey near madarao

A day trip to visit the local snow monkeys is always worthwhile.

Back Country Tours & Tourist Day Trips:

The Kuma Lodge team have a close relationship with the other local businesses that offer access to the pristine side and back country of the Madarao area. Let us know what sort of riding your are looking for and we can coordinate with the local Japanese guides.

At Kuma we love when our guests get to explore the amazing surrounds of Nagano and Niigata Prefectures. Our team can organise day trips for you to visit the snow monkeys, local villages for dining, whisky and sake tours, onsen tours through the local bath houses – or to try some new terrain in the nearby Nozawa Onsen and Myoko Kogen resorts.

Aki's pub madarao and backcountry tours

Aki’s pub is located across the street – the starting point for local backcountry guided tours.

Baby Sitting:

We know that is important for parents to get some adult time – either on the slopes or out for a nice evening. Kuma offers in-house babysitting services available by prior arrangement. If you are planning a family snow holiday to Japan, ask us about what baby sitting options are available.


The area surrounding Madarao is prime farmland when it is not buried under metres of snow! Madarao, Iiyama and the nearby areas are all hosts to great eateries, authentic Japanese restaurants and some unforgettable experiences like the Igloo dining.

shaggy yak madarao

Dining at the Shaggy Yak in a traditional Mongolian yurt.

igloo dining iiyama

The igloo dining in Iiyama is amazing on a clear night.

Our Kuma staff will coordinate your evenings with the local restaurants to make sure you can try a range of cuisines, and different venues.

The Japanese Kuma team have good English skills, and can help you communicate any dietary requirements and coordinate with the restaurants ahead of time so you can enjoy delicious food without needing to stress.

Check back soon for the full Kuma guide on eating in the Madarao area.

Ready for a super happy snow time?

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